Why Should You Make That Call Now?

Photo Credit: adafruit via Compfight cc

When you want to get things done, you have to be willing to take action.

No matter how much you wish something would happen, you have to be the initiating force that kicks the ball rolling. Otherwise, things stay the same.


For instance, here are couple of things that have happened since we moved to our duplex in 2013:

  • The collapsed building across our street was finally deconstructed, as my wife called the city about it.
  • The messy and unfinished environment when the previous building was deconstructed was finally cleaned (I talked to our neighbour about it, who then called the owner of the real property).
  • We are finally able to see the river Vuoksi from our living room window. The river is approximately 40 meters (131 feet) away from our house. I called the city about the blocked view, and the city then gave us the permission to cut down some trees.
  • Some coppice forest was cut down under a power line, very close to our house. However, they didn’t clean the ground of the dead branches. That made the environment look ugly. Eventually, I got fed up with this, called the company responsible for cleaning the ground, and one day, the area was cleaned.

These are just couple of examples of work that got done, thanks to me or my wife, who took the initiative. In other words, we didn’t just wait until something happened - we took proactive action and made things happen.

Very often, it’s easy to get the ball rolling. For instance, in these previous examples, all that was required was mostly just a phone call, and the work was done for us.

Why you should become an action taker?

The simple answer is: it makes you feel good.

As soon as things are making progress, the feeling of accomplishment kicks in, you feel proud of yourself, and your self-confidence improves.

Initiator, action taker, activator … whatever you want to call it, it’s great to be one.

How to become an action taker

In order to turn yourself from one who just waits for things to happen to someone who takes proactive action, do the following:

  1. Take a look at your task list. Is there anything that could be handled with just one phone call or email? Maybe, just mentioning to your co-worker about it?
  2. Get that phone call done as quickly as you can. If needed, rehearse the phone conversation a bit if you don’t know how to present yourself clearly. If the action requires sending an email, handle it as quickly as you can, too.
  3. Congratulate yourself when you take action. All that’s needed is saying to yourself: “You did a great job!”
  4. Take advantage of momentum. If you have other actions on your list, where just an email or a phone call is needed, handle them all at once. Because once you do that first call or send the first email, it’s easier to make the consecutive ones.
  5. Don’t wait for things to happen - make them happen. Turn yourself into an action taker!

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