Productivity Hacks: 60 Unconventional Ways to Save Time When Working from Home

60 productivity hacks

Here’s the deal: very often when you read a blog, listen to podcasts, attend trainings or watch YouTube videos on time management, certain advice is repeated over and over again. It seems like there is just one accepted way to be productive.

Fortunately, this is not the case.


In my opinion, there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to productivity and how we become more effective depends on the person.

That’s why I wanted to write a book that’s a little bit different:

Productivity Hacks: 60 Unconventional Ways to Save Time when Working from Home.

This book includes tips that are somewhat unique (at least when you compare the advice to most of the content on the Web or what you hear in seminars and training).

Why the unconventional point of view?

To answer the question: perhaps I was a bit bored of seeing the same advice repeated over and over again.

But to get a taste what’s included, here is a brief teaser:

  • Why you should throw most time management advice out of the window
  • Why your alarm clock is your friend
  • Why you should become an time pessimist
  • Why you should commute to your home office
  • What are inner time blocks

Like I mentioned, these tips are just a start. But if you grab my book, you can read the 54 additional hacks to improve your personal productivity.

These productivity hacks will work for anyone, although the focus is on those working from home.

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