Recommended Tools

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This page lists all the tools I have used and which I have found valuable. I update the page every time I find something you could also enjoy.

Most of the links on this page are affiliate links. I get a commission when you click and purchase a product or a service through these links (don’t worry; clicking on them doesn’t cost you anything).

Tools That Run Productive Superdad


Without web hosting, your blog or website will never be visible on the Internet. 

When you look for a perfect host for your site, you soon realize two things:

  1. There are so many hosts to choose from, and
  2. Which one of them is the perfect fit for me?

My answer to this question is SiteGround.


Not only do they make your site fast to download, but they also have quick and knowledgeable customer support. SiteGround even makes moving your old site to their servers easy. All you have to do is to send them a simple support ticket.



This blog uses GeneratePress theme for it's layout. This theme is flexible and fast. I use it both on this blog, and my other website.



I use ConvertKit as my email autoresponder service. It’s packed with great features for bloggers, like re-sending emails to those subscribers who didn’t open the email the first time, landing pages or convenient email editor.

Productivity Tools



There is one productivity tool that I use every day, and that is Todoist. 

It’s an application that keeps my errands and other essential tasks stored in one place. And when I’m not on my computer, I can access the task list by using the mobile app.



There are many benefits to meditation, including improved productivity, sleep, focus, and reduced stress. 

You can claim those benefits by doing consistent daily meditation. And getting started with meditation is easier than ever, thanks to HeadSpace.

It offers many types of (guided) meditations, and you can meditate wherever you take your cellphone.

Start your meditation journey today!



There are certain websites I access repeatedly. So, instead of typing their URL on the browser bar every time, SpeedDial2 creates a new tab in Chrome, and I can access these types of sites by clicking an icon.

Writing Tools

ProWriting Aid


I use this tool for making my (text) content tighter and easier to read. I love this app since it automatically suggests the edits I should make. 



Grammarly is another application I use for editing the content on my websites. It’s great for catching typos and making my text more readable.

Office Equipment

Bekant Electronic Standing Desk

bekant desk

As the studies have shown, sitting is dangerous. Therefore, I like to do work standing, at least part of the day.

The electronic standing desk I'm using is from Ikea. It's Bekant, and works well for my needs. And oh, I have this same desk at work, too.