[INFOGRAPHIC] 20 Ways to Boost Your Energy

If you find yourself feeling ready for a nap after lunch, you are not alone.

The post-lunch dip affects people throughout the world. And while some of us have the luxury of actually taking a nap, others are stuck at work, where a nap isn't an option. So, unfortunately we turn to sugary energy drinks or over-indulge in coffee to get by.


These can have increasingly diminishing returns the more we drink - and sometimes cause an even lower energy level after the initial spike.

Luckily, we can turn to science for many ways to naturally boost your energy. Listening to our favorite music, eating pumpkin seeds, even looking at images of cute animals are just a few of the surprising ways that you can naturally boost your energy levels.

GetVoIP has outlined 20 of them below:

20 ways to boost energy