What Is Your Best Time of the Day – And Why?

Photo Credit: Couche Tard via Compfight cc

The more I practice meditation and mindfulness, the more I’m able to acknowledge the tiny and valuable moments in my daily life, the ones that make me happy. Sometime ago, I became aware of a new moment like this, and it’s now one of the most valuable minutes in my everyday life.


This very moment is just after I have given my wife a good night kiss, and after we have turned the lights off in our bedroom, but while I’m still awake.

So why is this part of the day so precious, and why might I even call it one of the most valuable moments in my day? Here is why:

  • The day is then over, and the all the work is done.
  • There are no requirements from anyone anymore, nothing to be done, nowhere to hurry.
  • I can just relax while lying in the bed.
  • I have no other place to be right then, none other than being in the bed, next to my wife.
  • I feel grateful for this very moment.
  • Everything is perfect - I don’t need anything else.

Now, your most valuable moment could be something else.

For instance, you could say that the best moment of your day is when you learn something new, when you finish a project, or when your child smiles at you. And indeed, they are very valuable moments, too.

But the reason I brought up this topic was that we should really start appreciating and enjoying those small moments in our day, something we very often take for granted.

In addition to turning the lights off in the evening and lying in the bed, there are plenty of other contenders that make me happy and joyous:

  • The first cup of coffee in the morning - especially the very first sip
  • Coming home after an intense running exercise and sitting and cooling on the front porch, feeling exhausted, yet very happy
  • Cutting the grass and seeing the neat outlook of the lawn
  • A sunny day in the fall with blue skies and leaves of the trees with their bright colors of green, yellow and red
  • Sitting in a hot sauna

I could probably list many other moments like these, but I think you get the point. These small, valuable moments are just everywhere.

Don’t let them run past you. Instead, spend three minutes of your time every day to record them in a gratitude journal. You can always refer to them when you need a boost in your busy day.

Next, I’ll give the mic over to you … what is the best moment or moments in your daily life and why?