The Power of Quiet Moments (And How You Can Have Your “Mini-Vacation” When You Wish)

Appreciate quiet momentsYou live a very busy life with a day job, family and your part-time business. Your daily calendar is filled with appointments and tasks that you have to take care of.

At the same time, you wish you’d have time for a vacation – maybe taking the family to a spa for the weekend or even travelling to beach holiday in a foreign country.

Since you are always on the go, the busyness starts eventually to wear you down: You don’t have any time for relaxing or recharging your internal batteries. Quite soon this stress is also making your unhappy and less productive too.

Although you may feel that there is no way to change the situation, just hold on a minute and listen what I have to say.

There is one solution to this problem, but perhaps you haven’t figured it out before.

Now, let me tell you more about it.

Productivity isn’t always about doing stuff

In many cases, people are fooled with productivity: It’s not necessarily about doing as much as possible, it’s also about enjoying what you do and having fun as well.

In our example, this is not the case: You are just working too much and you are having difficulties relaxing.

At the same time, your calendar isn’t giving you any mercy either: it’s full of notes and commitments that you have to take care of.

The thing is that if you keep your schedule like that in the future as well, you are never going to have a breather and that’s not what you want.

In order to fix the situation, we’ll just have to dig deeper to see the root cause of the situation. Only that way we can figure out the solution as well.

Are you overlooking the obvious?

It’s very easy to fall into a black and white thinking when it comes to relaxing. You see, you may feel that the only way to relax it is to travel abroad or spend a weekend (an expensive one) on a spa somewhere.

However, you fail to see the power of small, quiet moments around you. Those small moments exist every day in our lives.

Unfortunately, with too much going on all the time we most likely overlook them. And since we undervalue those kinds of moments, we decline to take the advantage of them.

And even if the overlooking wasn’t enough, we are just unable to see them in the first place, because of our days are packed with too much action.

So how do you change the situation and learn to relax – without the necessity of travelling somewhere?

Well, let me tell you that next!

Relaxing without standing in the check-in queue

First, take a look at your commitments and see there is something you could leave out or let someone else to handle. This way, you’ll give more room for small quiet moments and for relaxation.

Then, start paying attention close attention to your daily life and spot those moments in it.

Just take a note of them, because these moments are your getaways from the hectic daily buzz that you currently have.

Once you see your quiet spots, start making a plan of how to take advantage of them – but without any intention to do any work when one occurs!

These spots are your battery rechargers and you don’t want to fill them up with your daily stuff that is already making you stressed.

Having an everyday vacation

With the following steps, you can have your mini-vacation every day. Naturally, this isn’t an equivalent of a full-blown holiday abroad or in a spa.

Still, the power lies in small moments and once you find them, you’ll feel more happy and content – even within your busy days.

1. Change your mindset. Relaxing doesn’t always mean travelling or doing something big.

When you let go of the black and white thinking (holiday or nothing), you’ll start to see those moments in your everyday life.

2. Reduce your commitments. Take a look at your calendar: Is it filled with too many notes and appointments?

Maybe you should find a way to delegate or outsource some of your work, so that you have more time to relax.

Especially if you are having a day-job, family and you are building your business on the side, life gets very hectic.

For instance, I just decided to stop racing in triathlons and marathons because the training part was very time consuming.

When I did this, I started to have more time to relax and spend time with my family.

3. List the moments. Take a piece of paper or create a document on your computer and list the repeating quiet moments you have in your everyday life.

This way it’s much easier for you to create a plan on how to relax during those moments.

4. Make your plan. Here are some potential ways to relax with your quiet moments:

  • Read a book
  • Meditate
  • Just enjoy the quiet moment
  • Listen to some relaxing music
  • Drink a cup of coffee without any hurry
  • Read the newspaper without a rush
  • Take a nap
  • Daydream

You can add new item to this list as you please. What I have realized is that the simpler the action is, the more I relax.

5. Appreciate the quiet moments. Finally; it’s really worth emphasizing, that in order to take the most out of small moments, you should learn to appreciate them.

As a dad, a full-time worker and an online business builder, I’m more than happy to have moments like this. They are almost like gifts that are given to us for a quick relaxation.

For instance, there is nothing better than to have a quiet moment when you can read a daily newspaper without any hurry and maybe have a cup of coffee with it.

Very simple but powerful – indeed!


In order to relax better, we should start to appreciate and see the small moments in our lives. It doesn’t always have to be a full-blown vacation on a beach resort abroad to get our minds off the work and out of everyday things.

We just have to pay more attention to those moments and appreciate them.

Over to you: Are you taking advantage of quiet moments? How?